Cozent JDA Manugistics SCPO Testing Service

Cozent has subject matter expertise in SCPO fulfillment and demand modules. For more than a decade Cozent helped companies implement supply chain applications. Cozent has functional and techno-functional resources to support your quality assurance needs. We can develop business process test scripts and assist you with complying with your QA standards.

System Integration Testing

Cozent helped companies write custom interfaces to integrate with SCPO suite. We bring in knowledge to carryout system integration testing. Cozent’s test engineers are seasoned professional who can ensure compliance to your QA standards.

User Acceptance Testing

Cozent has helped users during UAT on many implementations. We can form both functional and technical experts to hand hold your end users in executing UAT test scripts.

Performance Testing

Cozent has DBA and Performance tuning experts who are familiar with Oracle database and SCPO Technology. We bring expertise in SQL tuning and overall database tuning.

Regression Testing

Cozent can work execute both manual and automated regression test cycles on your minor and major releases into production. We understand that accumulating regression test cases and carrying out on each production change is important to maintain bug-free production environment. Cozent has home grown tools to carryout regression testing on SCPO software/database.

Test Scripts Development

Cozent can understand your business process and develop test scripts with details test cases and data conditions. We have the Sr. level resources who can work your end users to prepare a elaborate test case document.

Test Tools Development

Cozent can also automate your test cases using various scripting languages. We have the developer resource who can understand your needs and development software programs for testing.

Delivery Model

Cozent can provide a team onsite, or a onsite coordinator with a tam offshore or we can fully execute from offshore. We can work you end users, your implementation team, your in-house IT staff to help support your testing needs.

Team Composition

Cozent can bring DBAs, Systems Administrators, Functional SME, Techno-Functional resources, test lead coordinators, testers and quality assurance professionals.

Fixed Fees or Time & Material

Cozent offers its services on both Fixed fee basis or Time & Material terms.

  • Superior Consolidated Industries, Peoria, IL

    Cozent helped SC2 with ERP Implementation. SC2 awarded Cozent with multiyear post production support

  • OPW

    OPW Fluid, Kansas City, Kansas

    Cozent helped OPW with a six months ERP Implementation.

  • Corus

    Corus Steel, Chicago, IL

    Cozent helped Corus with their Infrastructure support for Supply Chain software installation

  • Footprint

    Footprint third party logistics, Lisle, IL

    Cozent helped Footprint with their Infrastructure support for Supply Chain software installation

  • PSAV

    PSAV Presentation Services, Schaumburg, IL

    PSAV awarded a multiyear ERP Infrastructure support contract to Cozent

  • Empire

    Empire Today (Carpet), North brook, IL

    Cozent helped Empire Today with ERP Implementation. Empire awarded Cozent with multiyear post production support

  • American Girl

    American Girl, Middleton, WI

    Cozent helped American Girl with Supply Chain automation on a multiyear rollout

  • American Bar

    American Bar Association, Chicago, IL

    Cozent helped ABA with Business Intelligence software development for Marketing Target List preparation system for events management

  • Health Fitness

    Formerly Focused Health, North brook, IL

    Cozent helped Focused Health with their Application Infrastructure support

  • Aisin Automotive Casting

    Aisin Automotive Casting, London, KY

    Cozent helped AAC with ERP Implementation. AAC awarded Cozent with multiyear post production support

  • Aisin Brake Inc

    Aisin Brake Inc, Terre Haute, IN

    Cozent helped ABI with ERP Implementation. ABI awarded Cozent with multiyear post production support

  • Eaton Steel

    Eaton Steel, Detroit, MI

    Cozent helped Eaton Steel with ERP Implementation

  • eAlliance Corp

    eAlliance Corp, Naperville, IL

    Cozent partnered with eAlliance on multiple ERP implementations projects

  • ID Systems

    ID Systems, New Jersey

    ID Systems awarded Cozent with multiyear Business Process post production support


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