Cozent JDA Manugistics SCPO Technology Support

Cozent has subject matter expertise in installing, configuring and maintaining SCPO technology. For more than a decade Cozent helped companies deploy application server and databases on various platforms with different deployment options. Cozent has the best practices knowledge in supporting Manugistics installations for large companies.

Fixed Fee Support

Cozent offers monthly fixed fee service to manage JDA Manugistics SCPO technology stack. Cozent will assign Sr. Level Applications Administrators and Database Administrators to daily monitor and manage SCPO database and application server technology stack.

Value proposition

Cozent offering eliminates wastage that comes with under utilization of a full time JDA applications administer. Cozent monthly fixed fee is a 1/3 of a full time equivalent cost. Cozent can assign multiple shared resources to address 24X7 support needs. Cozent offering also addresses your employee attrition issues and retraining cost on newer releases.


Cozent offering includes both manual and automated monitoring. On a daily basis Cozent engineers will monitor the database and application server technology stack, verify the logs manually and send out a daily status email. Besides Cozent has shell scripts that can gather performance and statuses of multiple services and alert the support team.

24X7 365 Days Support

Cozent assigns a primary and a secondary JDA application server Administrators. In addition to Cozent also assigns backup Apps DBAs for continuous support.


Cozent assigns onshore coordinator, offshore coordinator in addition to JDA application administrator and DBA resources. All belong to a support group email. When an issue is alerted by scripts or reported by client personal, Cozent coordinators will acknowledge within 15 minutes on SEV 1 issues.


Cozent offshore team conducts weekly status meeting discussing the open tickets and gather client’s priorities. Once a month onshore coordinator conducts monthly meeting with CIO/client manager to address any concerns and to hear how service can be improved.

Service Level Agreements

Cozent will work with the customer to maintain certain SLA such as time to responds on high, medium and low priority issues.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly tasks

Cozent will work with the customer to define JDA Application server and Database daily monitoring tasks, weekly activities and monthly cloning and recovery testing activities.

Upgrades & Bug fixes

Cozent will work with the customer on applications and database bug fixes and upgrades. Cozent has the experience in identifying risk while applying bug fixes, advising customers with mitigating options.

  • Superior Consolidated Industries, Peoria, IL

    Cozent helped SC2 with ERP Implementation. SC2 awarded Cozent with multiyear post production support

  • OPW

    OPW Fluid, Kansas City, Kansas

    Cozent helped OPW with a six months ERP Implementation.

  • Corus

    Corus Steel, Chicago, IL

    Cozent helped Corus with their Infrastructure support for Supply Chain software installation

  • Footprint

    Footprint third party logistics, Lisle, IL

    Cozent helped Footprint with their Infrastructure support for Supply Chain software installation

  • PSAV

    PSAV Presentation Services, Schaumburg, IL

    PSAV awarded a multiyear ERP Infrastructure support contract to Cozent

  • Empire

    Empire Today (Carpet), North brook, IL

    Cozent helped Empire Today with ERP Implementation. Empire awarded Cozent with multiyear post production support

  • American Girl

    American Girl, Middleton, WI

    Cozent helped American Girl with Supply Chain automation on a multiyear rollout

  • American Bar

    American Bar Association, Chicago, IL

    Cozent helped ABA with Business Intelligence software development for Marketing Target List preparation system for events management

  • Health Fitness

    Formerly Focused Health, North brook, IL

    Cozent helped Focused Health with their Application Infrastructure support

  • Aisin Automotive Casting

    Aisin Automotive Casting, London, KY

    Cozent helped AAC with ERP Implementation. AAC awarded Cozent with multiyear post production support

  • Aisin Brake Inc

    Aisin Brake Inc, Terre Haute, IN

    Cozent helped ABI with ERP Implementation. ABI awarded Cozent with multiyear post production support

  • Eaton Steel

    Eaton Steel, Detroit, MI

    Cozent helped Eaton Steel with ERP Implementation

  • eAlliance Corp

    eAlliance Corp, Naperville, IL

    Cozent partnered with eAlliance on multiple ERP implementations projects

  • ID Systems

    ID Systems, New Jersey

    ID Systems awarded Cozent with multiyear Business Process post production support


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